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 Pricing for meals and milk will stay the same for school year 20/21. Prices for breakfast are as follows: $1.50 for grades K-12, and $0.30 for those qualified for reduced price. The price for an Adult Breakfast is $2.00.
Lunch: Grades K-6 $2.00, grades 7-12 $2.25. Those who qualify for reduced meals pay $0.40.
The price for an Adult lunch will be $4.00.
Milk Prices remain the same: Milk $0.40 Chocolate Milk $0.45

Provo City School District Child Nutrition Program utilizes the NutriKids POS system.

Students are assigned a district student ID when entering PCSD. This ID number stays with the student until he/she graduates. 

If your child has qualified for free or reduced meal prices, this information is noted in the system, and the meal will be processed just as it is for all other students without any special indication to the students. You will need to fill out a new free/reduced application for this school year.  Please do so as soon as possible. We suggest online application be made. Please submit paper applications to the PCSD Child Nutrition Office located in the Student Services Building at 280 W 940 N in Provo.

If you are concerned about a food allergy that your son/daughter has, please contact the school Child Nutrition Manager to discuss this and request the proper forms to be filled out by your son/daughter's Doctor with this information.  If indicated, a warning will appear on the cashiers’ screen for a review of the items on the student’s tray.

Question:  What will stop the student from purchasing more than the parent allows?

Answer:  If this is a problem with your child, simply notify the Child Nutrition Clerk at your students school in writing with your limitations, and they will enter it into the system.

Example: A student desires to purchase 10 of our delicious meals and you only permit one per day, information will be placed in the system and the school will comply with your wishes.

Online Payment Information

Provo City School District Child Nutrition Department now offers an online payment system mySchoolBucks, a convenient and secure online payment and parent information portal! With mySchoolBucks you can deposit money into one or more students accounts, track purchase history, create low-balance reminders and even set-up an automatically recurring payment

Ø     In order to use the online prepayment service, a small convenience fee for each transaction will be assessed. The convenience fee is $1.95 per deposit transaction.  Parents placing money into multiple meal accounts will only be assessed the $1.95 fee once per deposit transaction.  Provo School District does not profit from the use of this site. 

We are very excited to offer these services, in direct alignment with the District’s Strategic Plan/Safe and Healthy Environments priority, and are confident this new system will benefit you, your child and our District. 

 If after researching the new online payment system at www.learnmyschoolbucks.com and reading the PARENT FAQ's below you have any additional questions about these new services, please feel free to contact Grant Brummer @ [email protected] or phone 801-374-4866


PARENT FAQs mySchoolBucks

What is the web address for mySchoolBucks?

Is my login username and password still the same for mySchoolBucks?
Yes, once you set up an account, your existing username and password will remain the same when logging into the mySchoolbucks website.

What payment methods does mySchoolBucks accept?
With mySchoolBucks you can make a payment using your Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit card or debit card. You may also make payment using an e-check payment directly from your bank account.

Is mySchoolBucks secure?
Yes. The mySchoolBucks website is owned and operated by Heartland Payment Systems, which is one of the largest and most trusted payment processors in the country. The system is fully compliant with all security regulations and card industry requirements. MySchoolBucks has achieved and maintains the highest security certifications in the industry, and all transactions are secured by 128-bit encryption and other security measures.