National School Lunch Week

The week of October 10th - October 14th 2016 will be National School Lunch Week for SY 16/17

The theme for National School Lunch Week this year is "School Lunch, Show Your Spirit!" We look forward to this special week every year and plan exciting activities in our lunchrooms.  Because this week is within National Farm to School Month we will be hosting some of our local farmers in our kitchens during the week so that our students can meet some of the actual growers who supply us with the absolute freshest produce.  Watch for the introduction of Flavor Stations in our schools during National School Lunch Week where students will have the opportunity to create their own blend of dried herbs and spices. We will have a contest to see who will create the signature blend for each school, and these blends as well as others will be available each day for the students to season their foods just the way they like it! We want to educate our students on how to add flavor to their meals without added sodium. This will be a fun contest where students can show some school spirit, create a new seasoning blend, and have it branded to reflect the individuals school mascot!

We have always enjoyed NSLW!  "Take Your Parent to Lunch Day" at participating schools,  amazing Farm to School/Utah's Own Country Fairs at Franklin Elementary, complete with a cow, October's National Farm to School during National School Lunch Week where even more local produce is offered. Educating our students on which items are grown locally and where they are grown. These local items are not new to our menus. we just wanted to showcase these items during our special week. This year, S.Y. 16/17 we hope to have one of our first harvests from our new aeroponic gardens out in each of our elementary schools!

We look forward to SY 2016/2017 and the National School Lunch Week theme of "School Lunch, Show Your Spirit!"